Sunday, July 10, 2011

Question and Answer Time...

1. Are you guys still alive? *taps on computer screen*
  • Yes, we didn't die.
2. Did you just give up because writing is so time consuming and hard?
  • No, we will be finishing the series. The summer is just a busy time!
3. 42
  • You know the question...
4. So when will we be hearing from you again?
  • Our new schedule will be posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting July 25th!
5. How come you aren't starting until then?
  • Sarah and Kali will be at a little conference called LEAKYCON where we will be getting our Harry Potter freak on!
6. Oh that sounds super fun and neat! I wish there was some way for me to get some Two Wits during Leakycon!
  • My friends, you are in fact in luck! Sarah and Kali will be presenting our very own panel comparing Harry Potter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It will be Thursday at 12:00pm, check your schedule for more details. If anyone that reads our blog is in attendance please come say hi and let us know that you do!
7. Why do you use so many exclamation points?
  • Because Kali is very excited for Leakycon and this panel and just loves to exclaim! I am excite! WHEEEEEE!!!!!!